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Please click on an image for more details or to Buy Tally Counters. Our single tally counters are quality made and manufactured to ISO - 9001 the mark of reliability. Our tally counters will not fall apart, the count numbers will not slip half way round or miss a count. Tel. 0113 289 7147 - Email. sales@countersales.co.uk

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Track your guests in and out of your premises with this single Hand Tally Counter.

Schools, Colleges, Universities, NHS, Police, football stadiums and themeparks etc. We accept your official purchase order.

Counters you can have confidence in with a large range of colours at great prices. UK customer support. Bulk discounts. Sinle hand-held clickers. Quality tally high quality, reliable and durable counters for pitch counters. Ideal counters for industrial businesses, scientific research, transportation, concert venues, tourism, churches, sports events, restaurants,  bars, and more where numbers of visitors are restricted or needed to be counted for. A favorite counter for educators who keep track of behaviors (Educators who work with autistic children and speech therapy love them.)

These Hand Tally Counters are reliable and hard wearing and will not fall apart or miss count as some hand clicker counters do. We have been providing handheld tally counters for over 25 years and have been using a manufacture that have not let us down on the quality of these mechanical counters.

Alternatively if you require a modular mechanical tally counter with two, four or more thumb counters please look at our multi-bank tally counter range.

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Quantity Discounts: See listed quantity discounts. large orders please call 0113 289 7147 or email support@countertsales.co.uk for wholesale pricing. The discount is automatically applied to shopping cart.

Purchase orders: Please email your official purchase order to support@countersales.co.uk

Importer: Tally counters bulk importers in the UK. Where can i buy a hand tally counter - Counters and Tally Counting Bulk Suppliers

Exporter: We have shipped the thumb counters internationally all over the world including as far as Australia and New Zealand.
This stock is in the UK - If you order tally counters and choose an express postage you should receive your counters the next day before 10 or standard next day. The range single mechanical counters.




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