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Gefran Thermocouples

Thermocouples operate on the basis of the Seebeck thermoelectric effect, which is based on a circuit formed of two different metallic conductors. When the two junctions are at different temperatures current flows in the circuit, the amount of which is directly proportional to the temperature difference between the two junctions.

Gefran thermocouple range includes

Terminal block, connector and melt thermocouple
Cable thermocouples. Outputs: PVC, GSC, GCS-SCH, TEF, TTS
Thermocouple with connection head: Mignon, DIN J, DIN B, DIN BUS, CEAA, Atex

Gefran thermal resistance thermometers

Resistance thermometers use metal conductors that will provide differences in resistance in proportion to temperature changes. The temperature depends on the type of metal used to make the resistance thermometer.

Gefran temperature sensors range includes

The resistance thermometer (RT) is a passive element consisting of pure metal whose resistance value varies with the temperature.

Terminal block, connector and melt resistance thermometers
Cable resistance thermometers.Output: PVC, GSC, GCS-SCH, TEF, TTS
Resistance thermometer connection head: Mignon, DIN J, DIN B, DIN BUS, CEAA, Atex

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