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Gefran pressure transducers and transmitters measure fluid, liquid, or gas pressure in industrial applications.

We have gained a good relationship with Gefran over many years and are happy to give advice, support and sales for the full range of Gefran temperature controllers.

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Summary of Gefran pressure transducers and pressure sensors

Gefran offers a large range of pressure sensors. The Gefran pressure transducers measure pressure for industrial and mobile construction vehicle applications. These bonded strain gauge pressure sensor range includes models for special applications and for high precision, for use in very harsh and demanding environments and for hazardous areas or potentially explosive atmospheres areas such as oil and fuel tanks. The TPF and TPFADA sensors have a very sturdy steel flush measurement diaphragm. This makes it unique and especially suitable for measuring the pressure of very dense and harsh fluids and pastes. Add to this the TPFAS sensor that introduces the miniaturized diaphragms down to 8.6 mm diameter, which is the smallest of this kind on the market. The TPH and TPHADA sensors with a monolithic measurement diaphragm, is the ideal product for measuring very high pressures (up to 5000 bar), including with highly dynamic pressure pulsation. The KS functional safe pressure sensor is the best solution for all hydraulic and pneumatic applications that demand a pressure transducer with competitive price as well as high performance and reliability. The KX ATEX intrinsic safe pressure sensor is certified II1G Ex, IIC T4, T5 and T6 and covers measurement ranges from ± 1 bar to 0 to 1000barg in temperatures from -40°C to +80°C. To ensure maximum safety and reliability, the KX sensor, as well as Atex, is also certified SIL2 (Functional Safety), then applicable in safety equipment that can be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Gefran flush diaphragm pressure transducer sensor

These sensors are suitable for high density and aggressive media.

Gefran presents its new TPFAS Series, a fluid-free pressure transmitter with a miniature flush diaphragm and measurement ranges from 0-25 bar to 0-600 bar.

Gefran Standard diaphragm pressure transducer sensor

These Gefran pressure transducer sensors are suitable for standard density media.

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