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Gefran linear transducer range is for linear or angular displacement measuring. These Gefran linear transducers have a cylinder or square housing versions communication such as analogue, SSI and CANopen.

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We gained a good relationship with Gefran over many years and are happy to give advice, support and sales for the full range of Gefran transducers and potentiometer transducers.

Gefran linear transducers and angular transducers.

The Gefran linear transducers are for Gefran linear transducer and Gefran angular displacement transducer measuring with a potentiometer and magnetic, rod and ball, cylinder and square housing versions, an optional communication interface such as analogue, SSI and CANopen.

A linear transducer position sensor is for measuring the position of a part, machine within a process. The Gefran linear transducers measure in absolute position or displacement position. Gefran linear transducers can measure linear, angular or multi-axis positions. Also, the output signals of Gefran transducers are available in Profibus, analogue, CANopen or synchronous.

Gefran’s linear transducers and angular Gefran transducers are based on two different technologies potentiometric and magnetostrictive technologies comes with superior performance due to the non-contact measurement system.

Characteristics of Gefran Linear and Angular Transducer Range

Gefran linear transducer range includes
Gefran Magnetic Position Transducers

Contactless absolute Gefran linear transducers have an advance over linear displacement transmitters as they are based on potentiometric technology, and offer higher performance.

Profile of the Gefran Linear Transducer Design

There is a large range of models with aluminium profile and interface which include analogue, digital and Fieldbus models. These include MK4-P Profibus, ONP1-A analogue, ONPP-A analogue, MK4-A analogue, MK4-S synchronous and MK4-C CANopen.

Gefran Rod Transducer Design

The Gefran rod linear transducer comes with a wide choice of rod-style models with threaded head or with a flanged head for installation in hydraulic cylinders. These include MK4-A analogue, IK4-C CANopen, IK4-P Profibus, IK4-S synchronous, RK-2 analogue with flanged head, RK-4 analogue with a threaded head, RK-5 analogue with flanged head, RK-5C CANopen with flanged head and SK4-A analogue.

Gefran Potentiometer Position Transducers

Linear and angular displacement transducers measure the displacement of moving mechanical parts.

Magnetic drag Gefran linear transducers include PME Pneumatic cylinders, PMA with alignment joints, PMI dynamic cylinders, PMI-SL dynamic cylinders and PMI-SLE dynamic cylinders.

Exposed rack Gefran linear transducer include IC dynamic cylinders.

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