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Official Authorised Suppliers of Gefran UK Indicators and Gefran Alarm Units.

Official Authorised Suppliers of Gefran Universal, high performance and Multichannel Indicators. The panel mounted indicator displays variables such as temperature, pressure, position, flow rate, force, humidity current, voltage, frequency and linear inputs.

We have gained a good relationship with Gefran over many years and are happy to give advice, support and sales for the full range of Gefran panel indicator and Gefran alarm units.

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Gefran indicators and Alarm units

Gefran indicators and Gefran alarm units directly acquire a wide range of physical variables, such as temperature, pressure, position, force or weight, humidity, and many others via normalized signals. Several measurement speeds, read resolutions, and specific functions (assignable to auxiliary inputs and to intercept outputs) can be chosen from the many models in the catalogue. Gefran offers complete display solutions for industry, supplying its own sensors and guaranteeing maximum compatibility and integration among components.

Gefran standard indicators and Gefran alarm units feature flexibility, simplicity, and compactness. Available in versions measuring 72x36 to 48x48 and 48x96, they indicate variables such as temperature, displacement, and force.

Gefran’s 2400 series of indicators provide speed and precision, ensuring the measurement and set points of pressures (direct and differential), displacements, forces, temperatures, and process variables read by amplified sensors.

Calculation capacity includes the ability to compare input variables, engineer measurements, derive flow values. Use of results of math functions such as the value of the process, alarm limit and re-transmission output.

Double channel - Two main universal analogue inputs for two simultaneous acquisitions with a single instrument. - Direct feeding of up to 6 load cells.

Easy calibration of input by copying sensor plate data and standard calibration with the specific menu.

Applications of Gefran indicators are

Gefran indicators features

  1. Inputs - Configurable universal analogue inputs for main variables and auxiliary analogue/digital inputs for additional functions and powered by the instrument.
  2. Outputs - Various types of outputs for alarm management, input re-transmission.
  3. Keyboard - Keyboard for rapid setting and diagnostics.
  4. Flexibility - Connection to process via various types of sensors.
  5. LEDs - LEDs for constant display of main instrument states.
  6. Shard Software - All models use the same software.
  7. Display - Clear and immediate display of main variables.
  8. Ready to use - Pre-installed software for zero start-up time. IP65 Elevated front panel protection without accessories.
  9. Easy to use - Immediate and intuitive parameter settings

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