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Gefran controller, temperature controller and programmer ranges.

These Gefran controller ranges are configurable microprocessor panel instruments that precisely control variables such as temperature, pressure, force, humidity, a position with programmable alarms and optional communication interfaces such as Modbus, Profi-Bus and CANopen.

We have gained a good relationship with Gefran over many years and are happy to give advice, support and sales for the full range of Gefran temperature controllers and programmer controllers.

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Gefran temperature controllers

The temperature Gefran controller ranges are for controlling the temperature in industrial processes or manufacturing machines and to manage the positioning (without feedback) of motorized valves.

Gefran controller ranges are configurable microprocessor panel instruments that receive sensor signals and control heaters or other devices to maintain precise control temperature, pressure, force, humidity or position with programmable alarms and an optional communication interface.

These temperature Gefran controller ranges are created specifically for

The displays show the process and setpoint values, plus multilingual scrolling messages for diagnostics, alarms and process state. On some models, a segmented bar graph shows percentages of power, delivered current or valve position.

Single loop temperature Gefran controllers and process controllers web links

The basic range which has configurable single loop PID controller includes

The next model up which has a single loop PID Gefran controller, customizable display, setpoint programmer and logic control function block include

The performance range which has configurable single loop Controller and setpoint programmer includes

Multi-Loop temperature controllers and process controllers

The multifunction range which includes a multifunction PID controller, single and multi-loop and setpoint programmer

Gefran controller is panel instruments used to control plastic machines or electrical heat machines such as kilns and calculates and compares the actual value of the difference between a setpoint value and a measured temperature or value. The Gefran controller takes an input from a sensor such as a thermocouple, resistance thermometers (RTD), pressure sensor, melt pressure sensor, load cells, force transducer or position transducer and has an output that is connected to a control element.

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Gefran video on the 650 controller,1250 controller and 1350 controllers. How to configure the 650,1250 and 1350 controllers


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