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We are an authorized stock distributor of Gefran components. Our stock includes many types of Gefran controllers, melt pressure transducers, temperature indicators and position transducers. Sales of the complete line of Gefran and Sensormate motion control product parts and kits. Shipping everywhere from our stocking locations to the UK, EU and worldwide.

Having gained a good relationship with Gefran over many years, we are happy to give expert advice, support and competitive prices for the full range of their parts.

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We offer a large range of Gefran sensors, automation and motion control for automation and control processes such as plastic extrusion, plastic moulding, plastic injection, metal cutting lines, metal slitting machines, plate rollers, hydraulics applications, crane and hoist control, electrical furnaces, industrial water treatment, lift control and HVAC applications.

Gefran products

Gefran UK design and manufacturer of Gefran controllers, Gefran indicators, Gefran power units, Gefran position transducers, Gefran pressure sensors, Gefran heat melt pressure sensors, Gefran load and force transducers, Gefran thermocouples, Gefran resistance thermometers, Gefran inverter drives. The main applications are packaging machines, labelling machines, food processing machines, laboratory ovens, electrical heaters for industrial, plastic extrusion lines and injection presses for plastics.

Gefran sensors

These sensors by Gefran offer precision temperature sensors (thermocouples and resistance thermometers), power sensors, pressure sensors, melt pressure sensors, force cell, force transducers, strain sensors, force sensors, rotary sensors, tilt sensors, wire position transducers and position devices (magnetic position transducers and potentiometer position transducers) for measuring process in industrial applications and mobile construction vehicles

Automation by Gefran

This range of products by Gefran includes automation platforms, regulators, alarm units and indicators, solid-state relays and power controllers. These provide top performance while making the best use of the processes and energy consumption to systems and machines. They also design and manufacture complete electric panels for the automation of machines used in manufacturing plastics.

Motion control from Gefran

This range of electric drives by Gefran is to regulate the velocity of AC and DC motors, inverters and converters for industrial applications and elevators, servo drives and brushless motors.
Gefran´s motto
"Our reason to exist is to support customers in improving the performance of their technological processes, ensuring continuity, care, and sustainably maximising value.

With passion, energy and expertise in technology and innovation, we provide effective and targeted responses in the fields of industrial automation - measurement, regulation and control - and power electronics".

Gefran´s history

Gefran has over fifty years of experience and know-how in automation components and industrial process control systems.

In 1969 Gefran’s first workshop was set up in Italy to produce electric panels for machines used in manufacturing plastics.

In 1970´s, Gefran produced their first temperature controller, which set the benchmark for the industry.

Gefran expanded production to include sensors in 1980 and becoming the brand of choice.

With the new millennium, it strategically acquired a motion control brand to expand its own technological product offering, while preserving the prestige and Italian expertise of the acquired company.

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We are a seller of all Gefran UK and Sensormate products. We offer Gefran UK sales, support and supply of all Gefran sensors, motion control and automation products.

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