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Countersales UK Ltd have been supporting Trumeter Technologies for over 25 years in measurement and control. We offers comprehensive stocks of there products and expert technical experience, so that our customers benefit from a reliable service we provide in the UK, Europe and the rest of the World. Whatever you´re looking for from high precision counter, measuring device or low-cost standard solution we collaborate with our manufactures to help you find the right part or solution for your industrial application.

Trumeter Technologies is one of the world´s leading designers of Control and measurement products including electronic, mechanical and electro-mechanical counters. They design and manufacture electronic, electro-mechanical and mechanical counters, digital panel meters, rate meters, process controllers, totalisers, preset and multi-function counter displays.

We have over 25 years experience in supplying products to engineers, buyers and design engineers in the manufacturing and production of textiles, plastics and paper, packaging, printing, medical cable, rope and lab equipment.

Trumeter Technologies Control and Measurement

The Two main features of the Trumeter products are low power consumption and small design. Their measures are used in many industrial processes including the measurement of plastics, timber, cable, rope, steel, textiles as well as the monitoring and control of process instrumentation. The counter range includes totalising counters incorporates electronic, electro-mechanical, mechanical and electronic preset types. They cover a wide range of applications including the manufacturing and industrial processes including textiles, plastics and paper, packaging, printing, medical and lab equipment. To find out more visit our Trumeter length measuring machines.

Trumeter Technologies Mechanical Totalizing Counters

These mechanical counters counts revolutions on many different types of industrial production machinery.

Trumeter 3602 mechanical counter range of 

Trumeter Technologies Electronic Preset Counters

The preset counters provide output signals with preset counts for industrial machine applications such as cutting material to length, batch production, filling, mixing materials and dispensing.

Electronic preset counter range includes: 7922, 7932, 878X, 9100

Trumeter Technologies Timers

The timer range of electronic and electro-mechanical timers with low or high voltage inputs and offer high precision accuracy for timed processes. 

Hour timer range includes:

Trumeter Technologies Process Indicators

The rate meter indicators are for displaying process, displaying the sensor input as a rate or speed.

The rate indicators adapted to many different functions to suit industrial and process application solutions for voltmeters, ammeters, temperature, frequency and counting.

The process indicator range includes:

Trumeter Technologies Length Measures

The heavy-duty length measures are extremely rugged with a wide range of uses for measuring lengths of material. The length measures have a mechanical display, but if required they can be fitted with an encoder and electronic display.

Length measure range includes:

Trumeter Technologies Timer Relays

The range of digital time relays offer 8 or 18 operating functions and are easily configured. The LCD timer relays have a wide timing range of 0.1 seconds to 999 hours to suit all industrial applications.

Din rail timer relays range includes: 7954 and 7957

Trumeter Technologies Rotary Encoders

Trumeter range of low-cost rotary encoders or sensors for use with electronic counters and measuring systems.

Rotary encoder range includes 4T260, 4T725, 4T755 and 4T764

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Trumeter Technologies started in 1937 to support the textile industry with mechanical-based length measuring equipment. In 1955 the company opened a purpose-built manufacturing facility in Manchester. By 1997 They designed and manufactured a water filter indicator for Brita. In 2004 the company started to develop products for vehicle lighting and in 2001 they began producing LED lights. The LED lighting manufactured for Jaguars, Audis, Fords, Mercedes, Aston Martin and Range Rover vehicles. In 2007 Trumeter brought to market the world´s first touch-sense overhead console for automotive vehicles. In 2011 the company acquires Redington Counters. In 2014 they bought out Mainlight and develops a oven cavity LED lighting project for major UK appliance manufacturers.

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Trumeter Technologies contact. Global designer, manufacturer and distributor of advanced measurement products, innovative sensing and LED technologies.

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