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We are a supplier of only quality hand tally counters that are manufactured to ISO-9001 the mark of reliability.

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Our Tally counters will not fall apart, slip or miss count. 

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Track your guests in and out of your premises with our Hand Tally Counters or count multi different things or people with our multi-bank tally counters.

Schools, Colleges, Universities, NHS, Police, football stadiums and themeparks etc. We accept your official purchase Tally Counter order.

Tally counters you can have confidence in with a large range of colours at great prices. UK customer support. Bulk discounts. Hand-held clickers. Quality tally high quality, reliable and durable counters for pitch counters. Ideal counters for industrial businesses, scientific research, transportation, concert venues, tourism, churches, sports events, restaurants,  bars, and more where numbers of visitors are restricted or needed to be counted for. A favorite counter for educators who keep track of behaviors (Educators who work with autistic children and speech therapy love them.)

These Hand Tally Counters are reliable and hard wearing and will not fall apart or miss count as some hand clicker counters do. We have been providing handheld tally counters for over 25 years and have been using a manufacture that have not let us down on the quality of these mechanical counters.

Alternatively if you require a modular mechanical tally counter with two, four or more thumb counters please look at our multi-bank tally counter range.

We offer on our tally counters

Our hand tally counter range include mechanical, electronic and automatic systems and are used to incrementally count objects, animals or people. Of which we hold over 50 different models. One of the most common uses of our tally counters we find are used for is counting people, or things that are quickly coming and going.

The main application of the tally counters is as people counters. At concerts, stadiums, nightclubs, theme parks, etc. Someone will stand by the door or entrance with a mechanical hand held tally counter recording the number of people that enter. 

We supply a range of tally counter styles detailed below.

Hand held or desk tally counter. These come in plastic (ABS) or metal (chrome, single colour or patterned) and are quality manufactured by Upgreen or Powerast.

These tally counters (Hand-held tally counters or desk tally counters) also come in plastic (ABS) or metal (chrome). Our plastic type are supplied in 2, 3, 4 , 6 or 9 single or multi coloured. We also supply Denominator counters from 1 to 12 multi coloured buttons with or without totalisers and/or lockable function. Included in our range is two counters that have a bell to indicate a count at 100.

The digital tally counters come in a variety of types from an up only tally, up down tally or in out tally and totaliser or nett total. There is also a discrete ring waterproof tally.

This can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted and works using an infrared beam that counts every time it beam is broken or send your official purchase order (.PDF) to orders@countersales.co.uk .

Quantity Discounts: See listed quantity discounts. large orders please call 0113 289 7147 or email support@countertsales.co.uk for wholesale pricing. The discount is automatically applied to shopping cart.

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Exporter: We have shipped the thumb tally counters internationally all over the world including as far as Australia and New Zealand.
This stock is in the UK - If you order tally counters and choose an express postage you should receive your counters the next day before 10 or standard next day. The range single mechanical counters.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Tally Counter

If you need to count something or count people accuracy then, you need a "tally counter". Tally counters come in many varieties of colour, shapes and sizes, can be either mechanical or electronic and have one or more buttons. The best tally counter that is right for you depends on a number of factors:

  1. What you’re counting
  2. Where you’re doing the counting
  3. The speed at which you need to count
  4. How many things you need to count at one time
  5. Whether you need to have the correct amount or a lose figure
  6. If you are doing it yourself or you need an automated tally count 

The tally counter or “clickers counters” (known for making a click when pressed) are mainly used for counting people at events or places such as concerts, theme parks, bars and stadiums, but can also be used for traffic analysis, sports counts in golf or boxing, inventory counts and scientific research such as cell counting.

As there is a large variety of tally counters and good and bad, and because the online market is filled with so many different options, we’ve put together this guide to help you pick the right tally counter for your situation.

First, we would like to show you what the difference is between a good tally counter and why there are bad ones.

The "best tally counter" features:

  1. The digits are in a straight line.
  2. The numbers do not slip round half way round making it hard to know which number or count is the total.
  3. They do not miss count when your thumb clicks down on the trigger.

Attendence Tally Counter: Ideal for Events, Bars, Clubs, Concerts & Shows

Electronic Tally Counter.

Summary: Simple to operate and easy to read, lightweight and affordable. It is available with adding only, add and subtracting or adding and subtracting with a clear total. This type makes it ideal for counting people coming in and out such as doormen and bouncers.

  • No moving parts
  • Includes wrist lanyard
  • Large buttons for easy counting
  • easy to see how many people have entered and how many have exited, while keeping a tally of how many are in the building currently or at the event.

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Reception Tally Counter: Desk Tally Counters for reception and restaurant front

ENM Desk Tally Counter - Black Desk Tally Red Plastic Chrome Base DT-1MRDesk Tally Counter - ChromeDesk Tally Two Bank Red/Green Chrome Base

Summary: These desk tally counters have a mounting plate at the bottom so can be screwed down. 

  • Hard wearing
  • Index finger, thumb or hand operate.
  • Mechanical tally counter.
  • 4 digit display

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Full range of desk tally counters

 ABS Outdoor tally counters: Ideal for Amusement Theme Parks, Warehouses and Farms


ABS Hand Tally Counter or Clicker Counter

Summary: This hardwearing ABS plastic counter that is tough and durable enough to being dropped or bashed, but is affordable that you can purchase them in bulk if you have many counting locations or entrances and exits

  • Very good quality and durable
  • 4 digit display
  • Hand operated reset counter with index finger ring
  • Thumb counter that pushes button or clicker for easy operation
  • Variety of colours to choose from

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ABS plastic tally counters

Wet Environment tally counter: Ideal for the Food industry, Water Transportation, Game Hunters and Fisheries Departments

Summary: High quality metal housing mechanical hand tally counter. Good long life tally counter.

  • Stainless steel casing housing, so will not rust
  • 4 digit display
  • Variety of colours or chrome plated

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Metal or chrome tally counter

Pitch or Boxing ring tally counter: Ideal for Counting the two different counts at the same time

 Two Bank Tally Counter - Red - Green

Hand Held Boxing Tally Counter

Summary: Two attached ABS hard wearing plastic mechanical clickers with a large knurled reset.

  • Keep two separate counts of any kind.
  • 4 digit displays.
  • Used for add and subtract counting. Green for adding and red for subtracting.
  • Use for counting adults and children.

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2 tally counter

Automatic Tally counter: Idea for shops, retail, toilets, NHS, Council Building and museums

Automatic Tally Counter.

Summary: Affordable wireless people counter solution that you can mount on a wall or ceiling. This has a 10 to 15 second delay between each count. This is good for knowing how many times something has been use (will not count individuals in a group) such as how many times a door or window has been opened.

  • Takes standard C batteries
  • Hands free
  • Motion detection counter.
  • 6 digit display
  • On and off switch
  • Reset button

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Motion detector counter

Multiple Counts Tally Counters: Ideal for Labs, Inventory Control & Production

Multi-Bank Tally Counter.

Summary: This counter is ideal for a variety of uses, including counting food on a production line, industrial parts and many other types of production, traffic surveying, inventory and planning.

  • Durable and hard wearing ABS plastic or chrome steel case.
  • 4 digit tally counter in sets of 2, 3, 4, 6 or 9.
  • Steel mounted base that can be removed if required.
  • Large knurled reset knob.
  • Add labels to each counter

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ABS Multibank tally counter

Chrome multiple tally counter

Blood Cell Tally Counters

Summary: This counter is typically used for counting blood cells, but can be used for many types of research.

  • Records up to 999 for each cell key.
  • Includes totalizer that shows the sum of all counts.
  • An internal bell sounds at increments of one hundred of the total count.
  • Hard wearing protective case.

Professional Laboratory and Research Tally Counters

Summary: This heavy duty tally counter is typically used for research and counting cells. This is the best lab counter on the market.

  • 4 digit display for each cell.
  • Available counter locks every 100 counts.
  • Space for label above each button
  • Hard wearing metal case.

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Denominator tally counter

Stroke Tally Counters: Ideal for Use in Production and on Vending Machines

Ratchet and stroke Counter

Summary: This counter counts every time there is a reoccurring motion of machines, parts products.

  • 5 digit display
  • Adds one count each time the level is moved.
  • Reset knob sets the count back to zero.

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Avancer stoke counters

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