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Hubner encoder UK distributor offering the full range of industrial Hubner encoders and Hubner tachos for your application. Contact us on 0113 289 7147, Email us on or make enquiry 

Official UK Hubner Encoder Stock Distributor

We have been supporting Hubner UK for over 25 years in measurement and control.

Countersales UK Ltd offers comprehensive stocks of Hubner encoder products and expert technical experience, so that our customers benefit from a reliable service we provide in the UK, Europe & the rest of the World. Whatever your looking for from high precision, explosive protection or low cost standard solution we work in collaboration with the Hubner to help you find the right part or solution for your industrial application.

Hubner encoder, heavyduty encoders, sensors, motor feedback encoders and tachogenerators.

Hubner encoder offer you a range of industrial encoders for your application that include: incremental and absolute, optic, magnetic, high resolution & Heavy duty, Hubner tacho generator, hollow & shaft.

Hubner encoder parts for precise speed and position monitoring under extreme conditions such as gantry cranes, lifting systems, port cranes, oil industry, gas industry and steel industry, conveyor systems, lifts, heavy vehicles and wind turbines. 

The Hubner encoder range includes

Hubner encoder  Incremental Heavy Duty

Hubner encoder Absolute Heavy Duty

Hubner Heavy Duty speed switches

Hubner tacho generators and Hubner resolvers

Hubner encoders and sensors have a robust mechanical design, reliable electronics under the toughest conditions, work reliably and durably in 24/7 mode. Whether in container crane systems, vertical lift bridges, wind turbines or in steelworks, these tough and in some cases very aggressive environments and production conditions, Hubner heavy duty encoders have been proving their absolute reliability and unparalleled service life for decades now. The Hubner tachogenerators feature a high tacho voltage conversion accuracy throughout the entire speed range, which is ensured by the Long-Life transmission system consisting of commutators and brushes.

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